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Most of our ranges have a commercial wear rating which is great news for businesses and super long lasting for residential settings. More images and details to come.

Davenport - 1219*184*3mm

Flinders - 1220*183*2.5mm

Illusions - 1219*177*5mm

Industrial - 1219*228*5mm

Innovation - 1219*228*5mm

Inovar Plank - 1219*228*5mm

Kensington - 1219*184*5mm

Modulux - 1229*187*2.5mm

Motivation - 1219*177*5mm

Novilon - sizes vary

Ornato - 1219*178*5mm

Virtuo Classic - 1219*184*2.5mm

Virtuo Premium - 1219*184*5mm